About Us

The Saints Network is a group of Christians from every nation who believe in following Jesus, the King of Saints, wherever He leads. His work is one of love, warfare, and the restoration of the plans and purposes of the Heavenly Father. The Saints move forward from the midst of the church on behalf of the heart of God. This direction is formed through prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit and gleaned from the interpretation granted through the mind of the Spirit of God. The Word of God is essential and alive to the Saints and is the source of present truth from God. Many are called to be Saints, but few choose to accept the calling. The Saints Network is the arm of fellowship and support to Saints around the world.


Pastor Ron Crawford


“In order to please God, you must begin with two things: a willingness to do whatever He asks and an obedience that is ready to respond affirmatively to Him.”

— Pastor Ron Crawford