Frequently Asked Questions

How to access the Saints TV broadcast?

To access the Livestream, go to the Saints Media page, select Saints TV, and then select play on the media player.

How to access the Saints Network archives?

To access the Saints Network archives, select the Media page and then click on archive you want to watch. You can either watch online or download the file to your computer.

Where do I send my insights for 1st Saturday words?

Words are processed throughout the week and prophetic summary and full report will be posted on the website the following weekend.

What is the process for becoming part of the Saint’s Network?

In order to be considered a part of the Saints Network, individuals must embrace the commonly held tenets of devotion and purpose of the Saints. The Saints Network is a commitment to the identity of the Saint as espoused in the book entitled The Saints. This is a unique and singular calling, clearly defined in the Word of God.

Churches come into alignment with the Saints Network when the Pastor of the church recognizes the direction of the Spirit in his/her congregation as being synonymous with the calling of the Saints. The alignment with the Saints Network is not a lightly taken step, but must be prayerfully and specifically directed by the Spirit of the Lord. One this alignment occurs, it continues in the spirit of intercession, agape and spiritual service. There is never an attempt to exert a controlling hand, but always the offer of the guiding hand of fellowship and love among the churches of the Saint.

What is your religious affiliation?

The Father’s Church in Dallas is an independent church. It operates governmentally as a 501C3, with an advisory Board serving the Senior Pastor and congregation. There is no denominational affiliation, but an operational cooperative fellowship with the other churches of the Saints Network. This arrangement is more easily described as a functional movement as opposed to that of a denomination.

How to listen or download media?

Coming Soon! We are making some changes in this area. Come back for updates.

How to setup audio podcast?

Coming Soon! We are making some changes in this area. Come back for updates.