Fall Seminar – Beginnings
Seminar Daily Schedule

Session 1 Pastor Ron Crawford – The Heritage of Diversities of Tongues
Session 2 Monica Terrill – Be It Unto Me
Session 3 Pastor Crawford – ginomai and the Coming of Jesus
Evening 1 Pastor Crawford – Voice of ginomai
Session 4/5 Pastor Crawford – Warfare Prayer
Session 6 Pastor Crawford – The “Be done” Commandments
Evening 2 Pastor Joel Everson – Rest
Session 7 Pastor Crawford – If I Were Hungry
Session 8 Mark Burke – Freedom from Bondage and Burdens
Session 9 Docfetcher training with Pastor Fabian Pneuma Install
Evening 3 Worship Night

Beginnings Seminar Prophetic Presbytery
8-27-17 Prophetic Teaching Handout

WV Outreach “Give Me This Mountain”
Session 1 Give Me This Mountain Handout
Session 2 The Cross Handout
Session 3 Thy Kingdom Come Handout
Session 4 Stand in the Gap Handout
Session 5 Proskuneo Handout
Session 6 Divers and Unknown Tongues Handout
Session 7 The Paga Intercessor Handout
Session 8 Elohim and Yahweh Handout
Session 9 Saints Handout

Spring Seminar – The Anointing of the Saints
Session 1 – Opening Session (no handout)
Session 2 – Trust Handout
Session 3 – Anointing of the Saint Handout
Evening 1 – El Shaddai and the Day of the Lord Handout
Session 4 – Touch Not Mine Anointed (No handout)
Session 5 – Strife Handout
Session 6 – The Secret Things Handout
Evening 2 – Overwhelming Anointing Handout
Session 7 – deesis – The New Testament Supplication Handout
Session 8 – The Great Work Handout
Session 9 – Hidden Wells of Wisdom Handout

Prophetic Presbytery for Seminar Handout

Prophetic Presbytery for Seminar

Oregon “Be Still” Seminar 6/10 – 6/12

Session 1 Friday Night – Opening Worship
Session 2 Tips for Survival by Yoalli Garcia
Session 3 The Final Feast by Pastor Ron Crawford
Session 4 Provision by Les Terrill
Session 5 Be Still and Change by Pastor Joel Everson
Session 6 The Bosom of the Lord by Pastor Paul Harrison

Remnant Seminar Handouts

Session 1, 3 Halal- Prophetic Existence
Session 2 Praise Scriptures
Evening 1 Another
Session 6 Panel Discussion (no handout)
Evening 2 Visions and Dreams, the Father’s Directive
Session 7 The Remnant and The Leanness of a Prince
Session 8 Before Kings and those in Authority
Session 9 Prayer and Supplication
Evening 3 Worship night
Session 10 Leaderless (no handout)
Session 11 Conclusion with Pastor Ron