July 2022 | 1st Saturday Prayer Directive

Jun 28, 2022

July 2022

Dear Saints,

As we approach another First Saturday prayer time in just a few days, this particular month holds amazing significance for the Saints.

Not only is July 2 the beginning of the seventh month, but it is also Independence Day weekend in the United States. If there were ever a time when our nation needed prayer, it is now. And, if there were ever a time when the Saints needed to believe for bitterness and strife to be fasted, it is now.

So, as we gather before the Throne of God on this coming Saturday, let us proclaim the blessing of the Lord in the midst of our country. And, as darkness attempts to corrupt the land while gross darkness encroaches upon the people, we should be welcoming His light to rise upon us. It is a time to prophetically declare the goodness and promise of God as He has revealed it to all of us. The time is now to portray the weapons of our warfare which are mighty through God. Our proseuche and aiteo declarations are readied for such a moment as this one.

May God bless and use His Saints as we gather together on this First Saturday.

At the conclusion of your intercession, Saints in France please submit your insights to reseaudsaints@gmail.com.

Saints in all other nations, please submit your insights to us here at saintsnet@sbcglobal.net.

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