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September 13–17, 2022


September 13–17, 2022

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The Saints are preparing for the breakthrough that God has promised, as we sense it is on the doorstep. It is time for a new beginning of planting and harvest, the former and latter rain. A time when the plowman will overtake the reaper. One in which we enjoy the blessing and excitement of the parats of the Lord.

The Atonement Feast of the Old Testament has lost most of its divinely-intended, functional meaning in modern society, and throughout the church world. Atonement was much more than a New Year celebration. It was to be a time of contrition…the only yearly national feast where a fast was encouraged. God tried to prepare His people to obediently go forward as intercessors and to take the lands which He ordained to be conquered in that coming year. It was also the only feast wherein spiritual warfare was prominently portrayed. For so many today, Atonement serves as a mere synonym for redemption. In reality, the Atonement feast itself was a contrite positioning for victorious conquest.

We are at this moment in God’s timetable. What an exciting time to serve the Heavenly Father alongside our Lord Jesus, as He leads us at the head of His army!

We invite the Saints to attend the Atonement Seminar in Dallas, September 13-17, 2022


8:00 AM Intercession
2:30 PM Session


8:00 AM Intercession
9:30 AM Morning Sessions
12:00 PM Lunch Break (Prophetic Presbytery)
4:00 PM Afternoon Sessions
6:45 PM Evening Services

9:00 AM Intercession
10:00 AM Session

All times are Central Standard Time

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2022 Fall Seminar

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