September 12-16, 2023

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One day, according to the scriptures, God said something amazing to the prophet Samuel.

It had always been the divine intent for men and women to commune with God, and to serve Him as His covenant partners upon this earth. Upon entering the land of Promise, the days of the judges gave Israel this opportunity, but the people failed God in miserable fashion. Instead of serving Him and establishing His kingdom in the land, the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes. Israel fell into a dismal condition, they enjoyed no breakthrough vision, and the glory of God departed.

Then, through grace and supplication, Samuel was born. He established schools and outposts of training throughout Israel, wherein the people had the opportunity to worship the Almighty. This was to be done in strategic locations, taking advantage of the anointing commensurate with each site. God’s plan was embraced amongst the people of God, until they approached Samuel to ask that they become like the surrounding nations. They wanted a king to rule over them, instead of continuing to know and trust God. In despairing response, Samuel cried out to God in failure. God assured him that he had not failed for He said, “They have not rejected you, but me.” The Saints live in a day much akin to Samuel. The world wants to do what is right according to its own eyes, embracing subjective ideals of truth. In the process, the truth of God is rejected.

We have been granted a divinely ordained window of time to establish the prophetic mission of Ramah in the world. The people of God must grow to know Him, and to understand and apply His ways. It is our job to go where God leads us and to develop such disciples to serve as sons and Saints. The time is short, and the mission great, but His presence is with and upon us. Let us expect to meet with our heavenly Father and to be empowered for the harvest. Our apostolic calling is to the nations and to His people. Come expectantly, and God will meet you in unexpected ways.

We invite the Saints to attend the RAMAH Seminar in Dallas, September 12-16, 2023

Seminar Schedule


8:00 AM Intercession
2:30 PM Session


8:00 AM Intercession

9:30 AM Morning Sessions
12:00 PM Lunch Break (Prophetic Presbytery)
4:00 PM Afternoon Sessions
6:30 PM Evening Services


9:00 AM Intercession
10:00 AM Session
12:00 PM Seminar Ends

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2023 Fall Seminar

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