March 2022 | 1st Saturday Prayer Directive

Mar 2, 2022

March 2022

Greetings, Saints!

The Saints Network 2022 Spring Seminar, Understanding the Times, is just two weeks away.

Knowing that our God is new every morning, we need to ask Him to visit us with His presence in a way which we have never before experienced.

As we approach the Throne of Grace on this first Saturday in March, we do so with the confidence that the heavenly Father desires to empower His Sons as we look toward the new day of His visitation. A divine impartation is needed for what is coming in the days ahead, so that we might function effectively for the Kingdom of God.

In addition, the Saints have traditionally welcomed the grace empowerments of the Pastoral office during the month of March. It is our continuing desire for His people to be empowered in their created giftings, for the church to respond willingly to the Spirit of God as He leads and for the function of diversities of tongues to be vital in our midst. The Saints are in desperate need of each of these facets in our lives! Perhaps we can also believe for these things to be awakened in the general church, as well.

So, we come together in prayer on March 5 in agreement for a fresh move of God. The beauty of such a pursuit is that God wants it more than we do!

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