May 2023 | First Saturday Prayer Directive

May 3, 2023

May 2023

Dear Saints,

The First Saturday prayer of the fifth month, May 6, holds phenomenal meaning for the Saints as we press forward into His breakthrough. We must continue to yield ourselves to God in allowing His Spirit to perfect us in our walk with Him. We press forward in the cheerful feast (towb) toward the fulfilling of His purposes.

And, we continue in agreement for the burden of God to stir us, but also to be imparted within those to whom God is sending us.  We need this hunger for Him and for His righteousness within our own lives, and we desperately need it to be visited upon the ones we are called to disciple.

Let us thankfully come to the Lord on this Saturday, firmly committed to the future calling He is leading us toward.  And, let us believe for a renewed hunger and thirst for righteousness to be resident within us, and manifested through us.

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