August 2022 | First Saturday Directive

Aug 2, 2022

August 2022

Dear Saints,

It is difficult to imagine how quickly time is passing.  We are now in the month of August, and the Saints Seminar will soon convene in Dallas.

But, there is work to be done in the Kingdom, and the intercessors are those who serve the King.

As we gather to pray on this First Saturday, we ask for the favor of the Lord in positioning us for the prophesied time of breakthrough.  August has always been a month of positioning for what is ahead.  In the study of warfare, armies assembled for positioning and preparation find themselves in a good place but also one of vulnerability.  An enemy force would love to strike during such a crucial juncture. We have definitely found this to be an accurate assessment in past years during the month of August.  Hopefully, we have learned a thing, or two. In such a key moment, the Saints are both vulnerable as well as strategically supplied.

So, we come to prayer expectantly. We know God is preparing us for unique measures of service. We must yield ourselves to Him for His guidance and positioning.  In this, we must also be as watchmen, for we are not ignorant of the enemy devices. Let our God arise, and His enemies be scattered. May the Lord set ambushments in the midst of opposition, and may the goodness of God shine His light of wisdom upon us.

And, may great favor be ours.

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