December 2023 | 1st Saturday Prayer Directive

Nov 29, 2023

December 2023

Dear Saints,

December is upon us, and what a month it will be for the Saints. We are experiencing things that have been prophesied in the Word of God.  The Spirit of God is using the intercession of the Saints in ways which He has prepared you to offer! What a glorious time!  For over a decade, this twelfth month has been honored as the month of the prophet within the Saints Network.  This year, the emphasis takes on an even grander meaning than what we have normally experienced. God is positioning His sons to move into the New Year as victorious conquerors, representing the Kingdom.

We must yield ourselves toward this identity and embrace the moment in Him! What a time to be living for The King of Kings! God bless us all as we seek His face together on First Saturday!

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