September 2022 | First Saturday Prayer Directive

Aug 31, 2022

September 2022

Dear Saints,

The First Saturday of September always holds a special place in the hearts of the Saints Network, for it signifies that our annual Fall Seminar in Dallas is just a few weeks away.

This September holds an incredible significance, as we are believing God that it is a moment which anticipates the time of breakthrough, according to His divine timetable.

We must continue to ask for the release of such a majestic moment, for everything begins with a voice. Our praises will welcome this triumphant visitation of the Spirit of God.

And, of course, our intercession in the Spirit will speak the mysteries of God which are necessarily being unfolded even as we speak. Our prayers are an essential blessing in the ordained process of the heavenly Father.

One other thing must be noted as we approach this First Saturday.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous at this time. We have received word from many outposts of the Saints that the people are being besieged by various trials and challenges.  Weariness seems to be a strategy of the enemy. Why would this surprise us since Daniel prophesied of this demonic tactic? Our hearts are encouraged that God has promised to deliver us from every bit of attack.  Plus, He will restore what has been wrongfully taken.

So, the Saints must pray, while standing in agreement for what we all know is coming in the Kingdom.  We need to lift up our Saints family throughout the world.  And, we must keep the joy of the Lord in the forefront of our thoughts as our eyes are firmly affixed upon Him.

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