January 2024 | 1st Saturday Prayer Directive

Jan 3, 2024

January 2024

Dear Saints,

Welcome to 2024, the year of Truth and Sonship!

It is our intention to follow the leading of the Lord into the discovery of many truths which He has caused to remain hidden until our timeframe. Also in this New Year, we are looking forward to welcoming many believers into the pathway of sonship in service of the heavenly Father.

As we partner with the Spirit of the Lord in this New Year, we recall that the Spirit of Truth and Sonship causes us to reflect upon what God has done, while looking forward to the new things He desires to do.  This principle is indicative of the integral calling of the Saints, who cry out to God for the fulfillment of His holy, eternal plan.  Every measure of new beginning must be firmly established upon what God has originally ordained. The breakthrough of parats, the rising of the sun, and the sending forth as lightning are all based upon the eternal foundation of what God has ordained. We look forward with thankfulness, resting securely upon the surety of what God has purposed in eternity,

We cannot arrive upon this positional moment, with our limited understanding, and hope to proceed on strategy and insight alone.  While these are necessary and helpful, they are not sufficient to gain us the forward momentum, authority and power which are necessary to succeed as representatives of the Kingdom of God.  We must have Him, and we must have His presence, and we absolutely must be impressed upon by the honor and majesty gained by spending time at the right hand of the Throne of God.

As we gather to pray on this coming first Saturday, January 6, let us expect to be welcomed into the place of Sonship at the Throne of God.  Let us prepare our hearts accordingly, with great expectation of confidence. We must meet with God at this appointed moment, and wait upon Him in humility and love. This is a beginning point for what God has ordained for our Network in this New Year.  Please do not miss it.

At the Father’s Church in Dallas, we normally encourage our people to come to Sanctuary prayer on Saturdays at a time of their individual choosing. On this first Saturday, we are asking our people to come as usual, but to make certain that everyone intersect at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning.  For instance, if they come earlier in the morning, stay through ten a.m. If they come later, arrive by ten a.m. If you who are part of the Saints Network would also like to connect with us at that particular time, it would be wonderful. However, whenever you choose to pray, do so with great expectation.

This is to be a year of wonders, as we follow the leading of the Lord God. It is a great blessing to pursue this divine pathway with each of you.

At the conclusion of your intercession, Saints in France please submit your insights to reseaudsaints@gmail.com.

Saints in all other nations, please submit your insights to us here at saintsnet@sbcglobal.net.

The Interpretation Group

The Saints Network—The Father’s Church, Dallas, Texas


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